Prescribing qualifications - facts and figures

QualificationsIn 2013 renewed prescription of 33 qualifications from 10 institutions.

In 2013 granted prescription for the first time of 1 qualification from 1 institution.

In 2013 the turnaround time for applications for the renewal of prescription was an average of 21.5 weeks. In 2012 the average time taken to process an application for the renewal of prescription was 28 weeks.

In 2013 received and processed 38 annual monitoring submissions involving 100 qualifications.

In 2013 the average time taken to process an annual monitor submission was 3.33 weeks.

In 2013, 9 planning meetings took place at institutions seeking to renew or apply for prescription.

In 2013, 47 university liaison visits took place.

In 2013 ARB reviewed 14 European qualifications from 5 Member States*.

*In comparison with previous years, the number of EU qualifications which have been notified to the European Commission for consultation and review by other Member States has been lower. This is due to the Commission’s review of the Qualifications Directive, and its plans to revise the notifications process. Once the revised process is put in place in 2014, it is anticipated that the number of notifications will increase significantly.

In 2013, ARB secured approval for the listing of 2 new qualifications (please note: one was notified in 2012 although it was formally approved for listing in 2013).