AccountabilityARB has a responsibility to members of the public, architects and Parliament to be transparent and accountable in its business operations.

ARB’s sponsoring government department is the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG).  A framework agreement has been drawn up between the two. The Framework Agreement sets out the responsibilities of DCLG, along with the responsibilities of the Board, the Board’s Chair, the Registrar and senior staff of ARB.

Download a PDF version of the Framework Agreement.

ARB’s executive and staff team is held to account by the Board which is made up of appointed and elected Board members. More information about the governance arrangements can be found here in the Annual Report and Financial Statements.

Appropriate and accessible reporting
The Board meets five times per year and at each meeting the Board considers reports presented to it by the executive team. The executive team is committed to providing appropriate and accessible reporting information to the Board in a timely manner so that the Board can hold the organisation to account effectively. Key performance reporting information about our statutory functions and progress against the business plan is provided on a regular basis, tailored reports are prepared for the Board, to ensure the Board is able to discharge its oversight responsibilities.

Board papers published online
Visit our website to read current and historic Board papers.

The Board wishes to encourage openness in its proceedings. Nonetheless, there will be situations where the Board may be obliged to discuss matters in confidence. The Board has a policy for open and confidential sessions of Board meetings which covers its approach in this regard. Click here to read the policy for open and confidential sessions.

Freedom of Information and Access to Data
Under the Freedom of Information Act, we have made a wide range of documents publicly available. Please see our Publication Scheme for more information.

ARB has a comprehensive Whistleblowing policy designed to encourage employees, and others working for ARB who have serious concerns about any aspect of ARB’s work, to come forward and voice those concerns. The policy document makes it clear that this can be done without fear of victimisation, subsequent discrimination or disadvantage. The procedures in the Whistleblowing policy are additional to ARB’s grievance procedures. Visit our website to read the Whistleblowing policy.

Complaints, feedback and consultations
Information about how we respond to complaints and feedback as well as our approach to holding consultations is available in the communications section of this Annual Report.

If you have any feedback please get in touch with the team via