Our statutory purpose

Diversity / Statutory PurposeWhat is ARB?
The Architects Registration Board (ARB) was established by an Act of Parliament ‐ the Architects Act ‐ in 1997. ARB is both the independent statutory regulator of all UK architects and the UK’s competent authority for architects.

ARB has fifteen members on its Board, eight of whom are members of the public (lay members) appointed by the Privy Council, and seven are architects elected by their peers. During 2013, the government decided that in order to provide consistency and stability for the organisation during the 2014 periodic review process, the tenure of all Board members would be extended from three to four years with the option of a second consecutive term if reappointed or re‐elected also being extended from three to four years. Click here to visit the periodic review section of our website.

ARB’s purpose and objectives
Our primary purpose is to deliver the Act. In doing so, we also observe other statutory requirements.

In accordance with the provisions of the Architects Act 1997, we work to ensure that architects are competent and behave with integrity. We set and maintain standards for entry to the Register of Architects, as well as the standards of conduct and practice which are expected of architects.

The ARB Board has identified two objectives from the Act which underpin all of our work.

These are:

Protect the users and potential users of architects’ services:
We will protect the users and potential users of architects’ services by regulating architects so that the public can be confident that architects are appropriately qualified. We will raise the public’s awareness of the Register.

Support architects through regulation:
We will maintain and publicly demonstrate the status of architects as competent, qualified professionals, and we will regulate use of the title ‘architect’. We will raise awareness of the Architects Code of Conduct and Practice and the need for those on the Register to maintain their competence.

What ARB does
Our responsibilities are set out within the Architects Act 1997, and are outlined below:

  • To maintain and publish the Register of Architects.
  • To prescribe (‘recognise’) the qualifications needed to become an architect.
  • To register those who meet ARB’s requirements for qualifications, experience and competence.
  • To set standards for professional competence.
  • To issue a code laying down standards of conduct and practice expected of architects.
  • To regulate use of the title ‘architect’.
  • To deal with complaints and enquiries from members of the public regarding the conduct and competence of architects.
  • ARB is the Competent Authority for architects in the UK. In this capacity, ARB liaises with its counterparts in other European countries to fulfil its obligations.